• The soul

    Today, when the question of the soul relative to the self, when that comes up, I think we have to take all the resources that are available to us, including all the resources that science makes available and put it to the test. This is something that I think the Dalai Lama has been a real leader in saying okay, we have to use the best of this technology to try to get as much as we can of a measurement of what it is that’s going on inside of the brain because it’s clearly not material. It’s clearly not mass based. I know my thoughts and my feelings and my sensations come and go. They are not permanent. They are not eternal. Well, they only produce images anyhow. Could that be the soul?  Well that would mean that the soul is an image that comes and goes. So, knowing what we know about neurophysiology we can begin to at least construct reasonable questions and we can say well on the basis of what we know it can’t be this, it can’t be an image.  If it’s real, if it really reflects something of the real world then it has to be beyond image.